The Passion of Zenda: FULL MOVIE


Zenda Sexy is inside a Dungeon. She is a slave who has being tied naked to a St Andrew’s cross by her Mistress. Margout Darko enters the room wearing black high heels. Then Margout starts teasing Zenda and slapping her big boobs. Margout decides to lick Zenda’s pussy making her beautiful slave very desperate. Margout decides to gag Zenda with a ring gag. Zenda starts drooling a lot! Then, Margout gets a magic wand places it on Zenda’s pussy. Zenda has multiple orgasms she can’t control. Margout decides to punish and humiliate Zenda by collecting her drool in a dog’s plate and dropping it all over her.

Margout brings her slave Zenda to her knees while she is still gagged. Margout ties Zenda in a takate kote (shibari / kinbaku / rope bondage). Then ties Zenda’s legs in futomomos and suspends Zenda from one. Zenda is fully suspended in inversion. Margout swings, spins, eats out, bites, slaps and whips Zenda. Then, Margout decides to take a magic wand. Zenda moans and shakes. Margout decides to take Zenda down to the floor. Then, while she is still tied up and open, decides to give Zenda her rewarded orgasm for being a good slave. Margout leaves Zenda on the floor lonely and sweaty,.

This is the FULL MOVIE of The Passion of Zenda. You can also get the Part 1 and Part 2 now!

41 min 38 sec.  / 4K

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