The Passion of Zenda Part 2: Inversion

28 minutes, 2 seconds. 4K, 1080p.

Zenda Sexy is brought by her Mistress Margout Darko to her knees. Zenda is naked, gagged and helpless. Margout ties Zenda in a takate kote with her arms behind her back (shibari / kinbaku / rope bondage). Margout teases and plays with Zenda as much as she likes. Then ties Zenda’s legs in futomomos and suspends Zenda from one. Zenda is fully suspended in inversion, with her ass and pussy available. Margout swings, spins, eats out, bites, slaps and whips Zenda. Then, Margout decides to take a magic wand (vibrator) and place it on Zenda’s clit. Zenda moans and shakes but knows there’s no easy way out, only struggle. Margout decides to take Zenda down to the floor. Then, while she is still tied up and open, decides to give Zenda her rewarded orgasm for being a good slave. Margout leaves Zenda on the floor lonely and sweaty, waiting for more.

This is the Part 2 of The Passion of Zenda. You can also get the Part 1!