Work with us.

We are looking for people that want to shoot with us and enjoy doing adult content, so if you are considering it, here you can find all the info.

We want everybody involved in the shooting to enjoy it! We shoot only with people we are attracted to and we want the same from you!

How do we work?

We exchange content for content.

a) Shared content.

If there is something that we both want to shoot, we shoot it and we share the content. Each one gets a copy of the video and we both can sell it.

b) Video for video.

We shoot two different scenes, one for you and one for us. You keep your video, we keep our video and we are all happy :).

What will you get?

Shared content: You will get a 4K edited video, in very high quality, color corrected and ready to sell (or to add your logos and sell).

Video for video: If we are working video for video you will get high quality footage so you can edit it (or if you want us to edit it, we can find a solution also!).

We will do the shooting using cinema quality equipment. 2 blackmagic cameras shooting 4K Raw and a Sony α7iii for behind the scenes and extra content. Proper lighting and good audio (audio is SO important). So you don’t have to worry about the shooting or the editing.

Where are we shooting?

We are moving a lot, so there is a very good chance that if you are based on Europe, we will be near you at some point. For the moment we are shooitng a lot in the Canary Islands and Madrid, but that will change.

What do we want to shoot?

Well, we are open to any idea, the more creative the better. But we are always in search of performers that want to shoot shibari content. So if you are interested in doing shibari porn, we can probably work together 🙂

Do I need to be a professional to do this?

Not at all. If you are (still) not naked on the internet, please think carefully about it before making a decision.

If you want to do something very specific but you dont have experience (like complex suspension shibari porn or a scene with a fucking machine triple penetration) we better talk to see if it is possible and wise 🙂

Ok, I want to do it.

Great, then contact us! Send us an e-mail to and we will answer as soon as we can 🙂