Order a Custom Video!

We want to shoot your crazy fetishes and the porn you can’t find or buy. We enjoy it and we are good at it but please don’t ask us for things you can normally find on PornHub. Be creative, embrace your fantasies and never be ashamed of asking for what turns you on.

Get a Custom Video! 🙂

What do you get if you order a custom video?

You will get an exclusive film of the length you want, shot in the highest video and audio quality. Cinema is one of our fetishes and we have the knowledge and the equipment to do it. You won’t only get REAL sex, orgasms or whatever fantasies you have, but also nice aesthetics shot in RAW 4k with several cameras and good lightning.

Think about it as being the director of your own film instead of buying the smartphone recordings of someone who wants to do fast money.

What do we like?

We like kinky shit. The crazier is the script, the more excited we get about it. We might even give you a discount if we really love your idea! Or refuse to do it if you ask for boring stuff.

What can you ask for?

Some people send us an idea and let us develop it. Other people send us complex scripts with every detail. Some fans give us complete freedom to do whatever we want. It’s up to you.

Do you want a video giving you sassy instructions on how to jerk off while wearing latex? Do you fantasy on watching a girl getting heavily raped by several tentacles? Do you like giantesses eating useless humans? Do you want a one hour long bondage video? Are you just a fan and want your goddess to moan your name while she cums? 

Do we have limits?

Our videos, our consent, our rules. That means we always can say no to an idea that we don’t feel comfortable with.

But we are totally ok with filming a lot of things that you can not buy using visa and mastercard. 🙂 We use bitcoins a lot!

How can you buy them? How much do they cost?

Every single video is unique and will have its own price. We set a price and the price is not negotiable, period. Don’t worry, until now no one ever complains about the final result! 😉  If you want to buy a clip, send a nice message to the info (at) eroteric (dot) com email address explaining your idea. We will reply to you as soon as possible with the final price and how to pay it!