Susy under my Ass


Margout Darko is cleaning up the living room. She’s wearing a mini skirt that often reveals her big ass. Susy Blue enters and sits on the sofa. Susy gets very distracted by Margout and secretly starts to take pictures of Margout’s ass with her phone. Margout realises and approaches Susy. Margout has decided that if Susy likes her ass so much she will suffer a bit for it. Margout grabs Susy’s head and pushes it against her ass, not allowing her to breath. Susy gets very turned on by it. So both girls will get undressed and Margout will facesit Susy in multiple positions. First in the living room, and later on the bedroom. Susy ends up exhausted for the lack of oxygen but heavenly happy to serve as Margout’ sit (facesitting)

15 min 23 sec.  / 4K