Naked Robot Doll


In this POV video, Margout Darko a remote-controlled robot doll. Her body can be controlled by a remote and can be played with like a toy. She’s completely limp and manageable, like a rag doll. At first, you tested her basic functions by using the remote on me while she’s blindfolded.

This way, you made sure that she is a robot fully under your control. After that, you start playing with her body. You inspected and caressed Margout’s robot body and appreciated how realistic it looks. You then begin to play with her foot; but once in a while, you still check and touch her body to make sure she’s fully under your control. There’s grabbing, pinching and spanking. Except for when she’s blindfolded, she spends the full video with eyes open.

It contains a LOT of foot fetish content!

56 min 26 sec.  / 4K