The Hunting of Margout Darko Part 1


Margout Darko has been chosen by Zenda Sexy as her new victim. Zenda throws Margout all tied up in a hogtie and gagged in the back of her van and drives off. Then Zenda carries Margout inside an abandoned building to her hideout. Zenda puts a ring gag on Margout.

Then, Zenda gets a massive dildo with a condom and starts to ride it while touches Margout’s boobs. Zenda cums and then removes the ring gag from Margout to make her suck the dildo as deep as she can (deepthroat) for a while.

Some time later, Margout wakes up and realises she’s now wearing a ballgag, there’s a used condom hanging from her and Zenda has left. So she starts to try to get herself free and escape…

This is the Part 1. Now you can also get the Part 2, the Part 3, the Part 4, and the Full Movie!

20 min 31 sec.  / 4K