The Hunting of Margout Darko Part 4 (The End)


Margout Darko is still tied up with legs open, gagged and trapped by Zenda Sexy. She has her jeans ripped with an anal toy in and her body is constantly played with. Then, Zenda grabs a long blue dildo. Zenda fucks Margout a lot making her cum multiple times. Then, Zenda decides to grab nipple clams and play with Margout’s big nipples. Zenda then leaves the room leaving Margout alone. Margout struggles trying to escape.

After a while, she manages to untie her legs, removes the toys from her body and runs trying to find a way out (still gagged and with the hands/chest tied)… But will she make it?

This is Part 4 (the end). Now you can also get, the Part 1, the Part 2, the Part 3, and the Full Movie!

17 min 9 sec.  / 4K