The Hunting of Margout Darko Part 3


Margout Darko wakes up alone and tied up in shibari bondage, but this time the ballgag was removed and replaced with a heavy tape gag. Margout has still the anal plug in, and the vibrator egg on. But all the movements and friction make Margout very horny and she rubs herself against the crotch rope until she gets a big orgasm.

Next scene starts in a dark dirty room Margout has been transported to by Zenda Sexy. Margout has one of her foot tied to a suspension point, opening up her legs. Zenda gets Margout’s ballgag and puts it on as she was very jealous of Margout for it.

Zenda removes the vibrating egg from Margout’s pussy and ties a magic wand to her clit in full power. Margout can’t stop having orgasms while she struggles.

This is Part 3. Now you can also get the Part 1, the Part 2, the Part 4, and the Full Movie!

17 min 23 sec.  / 4K