The Hunting of Margout Darko Part 2


On this Part 2 of The Hunting of Margout Darko:

Margout Darko escapes to the next room while still tied up and gagged. She uses her lower hand to reach her phone and tries call for help and even use Siri but can’t make it through. Zenda Sexy finds her and drag her back to the other room.

Later, Margout wakes up. Now, her legs are tied with futomomos and the crotch part of her jeans has being cut, showing her pussy. Zenda puts to a side the loose crotch rope and starts licking Margout’s pussy. Margout has an unexpected orgasm while being bound. Then, Zenda takes anal beads and put them inside Margout’s tight asshole. Later, Zenda gets a vibrating egg with a remote control, place it inside Margout’s pussy and turn it on. Margout gets very excited. Zenda gets so turned on by this that gets a magic wand vibrator and starts touching herself while playing with Margout…

This is Part 2. Now you can also get the Part 1, the Part 3, the Part 4, and the Full Movie!

18 min 39 sec.  / 4K