Sex Hostage Ransom Part 2

16 minutes, 29 seconds. 4K, 1080p.

Margout Darko has been caught by Saara Rei with ziplocks and a gag made of duct tape. Margout protests a lot, trying to find out where she is. Then Saara comes back and starts to take pictures of Margout to blackmail her. Saara wants to make sure to get a big ransom from Margout’s stepdad. Saara is very pleased.

On the next scene, Margout is tied up by her limbs spread eagle in a bed. Now she has a ballgag on. Then Saara comes and starts to touch Margout everywhere and grab a pair of scissors. Saara cuts all Margout clothes in a very primal and humiliating way. And keeps taking pictures of poor Margout. By the bed, we see a nice collection of sex toys. What will happen next…?

This was Part 2 of Sex Hostage Ransom. You can also watch Part 1 (click here). Part 3 is coming soon!