Sex Hostage Ransom Part 1


Margout Darko is the spoiled daughter of a rich CEO. One day, Margout is happily cooking at her kitchen when a stranger breaks in and enters her home (unnoticed). That stranger is Saara Rei, a sneaky woman who wants to ask for a big ransom to Margout’s dad.

Saara surprises Margout and handgags her. Then, Saara ties Margout’s hands and feet with ziplocks, gags Margout with lots of duct tape and blindfolds her. Saara carries Margout in her shoulder and takes her to the trunk of Saara’s car. Saara drives away while Margout complaints in bondage. Saara takes Margout to her hideout. Saara touches Margout, removes the blindfold and leaves her alone. Margout struggles in the bondage and complaints.

This is Part 1 of Sex Hostage Ransom. Now you can also get Part 2, Part 3 (the end), and the Full Movie!

20 min 40 sec.  / 4K