Sex Hostage Ransom Full Movie

51 minutes, 13 seconds. 4K, 1080p.

Margout Darko is the spoiled daughter of a rich CEO. One day, Margout is happily cooking at her kitchen when a stranger breaks in and enters her home (unnoticed). That stranger is Saara Rei, a sneaky woman who wants to ask for a big ransom to Margout’s dad. Saara surprises Margout and handgags her. Then, Saara ties Margout’s hands and feet with ziplocks, gags Margout with lots of duct tape and blindfolds her. Saara carries Margout in her shoulder and takes her to the trunk of Saara’s car. Saara drives away while Margout complaints in bondage. Saara takes Margout to her hideout. Saara touches Margout, removes the blindfold and leaves her alone. Margout struggles in the bondage and complaints, feeling helpless.

Margout protests a lot, trying to find out where she is. Then Saara comes back and starts to take pictures of Margout to blackmail her. Saara wants to make sure to get a big ransom from Margout’s stepdad. Saara is very pleased. On the next scene, Margout is tied up by her limbs spread eagle in a bed. Now she has a ballgag on. Then Saara comes and starts to touch Margout everywhere and grab a pair of scissors. Saara cuts all Margout clothes in a very primal and humiliating way. And keeps taking pictures of poor Margout. By the bed, we see a nice collection of sex toys.

Saara decides to play with Margout and humiliate her in many different ways. Saara touches Margout everywhere and makes her cum with a very powerful vibrator. Then, Saara grabs a big dildo and fucks Margout’s pussy very hard. Saara takes a lot of pictures of Margout’s face having multiple orgasms. Finally, Saara leaves Margout still in bondage and goes get her well deserved money.

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