Sex Hostage Ransom Part 3

15 minutes, 42 seconds. 4K, 1080.

Margout Darko is strictly tied to a bed with her arms and legs spread open. She is gagged with a leather ballgag and her clothes are all ripped. Saara Rei don’t stop taking pictures of Margout in order to ask for a big ransom from Margout’s rich stepdad. Saara decides to play with Margout and humiliate her in many different ways.

Saara touches Margout everywhere and makes her cum with a very powerful vibrator. Then, Saara grabs a huge dildo and fucks Margout’s pussy very hard. Saara takes a lot of pictures of Margout’s face having multiple orgasms. Finally, Saara leaves Margout still in bondage and goes get her well deserved money.

This is Part 3 of Sex Hostage Ransom. Part 1 and Part 2 are also available!