Zendas Very Fake Models Agency FULL MOVIE

2 hours, 53 seconds. 4K, 1080p.

(The video we are selling in the platforms has been censored in order to comply with their rules. If you want the uncensored version including fake chloroform play scenes, send us a message to info@eroteric.com)

Margout Darko gets a job proposal and meets up with Zenda Sexy at her office. But as soon as Margout opens the door, she gets “surprised” by Zenda and tied up with duct tape while still on the floor.

After been fully bound and gagged with a gagball, Margout is carried by Zenda to the back of her car.

Zenda carries Margout into a dark bedroom and leaves. Margout wakes up and feels very scared. She complaints and struggles (DiD) at in her bondage for a while.

Zenda comes back, removes the gagball from Margout and facesits her. Zenda makes Margout lick her pussy and asshole until she cums multiple times.

Zenda Sexy gags Margout Darko with two cloth pieces (tenugui). Then Zenda decides to grab Margout’s boobs and touch them for a while. Zenda enjoys pinching Margout’s nipples and puts wooden clamps on them.

Margout is suddenly very quiet and Zenda can do what she wants with her. Zenda cuts the black tape off and undresses Margout leaving the pantyhose on.

Zenda ties Margout up fully using ropes (Shibari / Kinbaku bondage) and leaves her naked, bound and gagged.

Suddenly, Zenda Sexy come back and cuts a hole in Margout’s pantyhose around the pussy-asshole area. Margout is scared but a bit curious.

Then Zenda starts to fuck Margout’s pussy very roughly with a pink dildo. Zenda is having a lot of fun and Margout can’t stop having orgasms.

Zenda grabs a black anal plug, and after some mean teasing, stuffs it into Margout’s tight asshole.

Margout struggles alones in bondage with the big butt plug up her ass. Margout feels very helpless and stimulated.

Zenda comes back and removes the cloth gag from Margout’s mouth. Then, adds a very humiliating double ended dildo gag.

Zenda is ready to ride now Margout’s face.

Margout Darko is tied up on the floor facing up. She’s wearing a double end dildo gag and Zenda Sexy decides to ride her face. Zenda fucks and uses Margout’s face until she comes a lot of times.

Zenda decides to fuck Margout’s pussy and asshole very hard with dildos on doggy position, achieving hard DP. Margout can’t stop having orgasms. Then, Margout gets gagged with Zenda’s used pantyhose and a lot of black tape.

Zenda ties Margout in a VERY strict hogtie and leaves her there, struggling and asking for help!

Margout and Zenda wear pantyhose through the whole movie.