Zenda’s very fake Model’s Agency Part 2

29 minutes, 17 seconds. 4K, 1080p.

(This video has two versions: one uncensored with chloroform parts and one censored without them for big platforms. Send us a message to info@eroteric.com to get the full version.)

Zenda Sexy gags Margout Darko with two cloth pieces (tenugui). Then Zenda decides to grab Margout’s boobs and touch them for a while. Zenda enjoys pinching Margout’s nipples and puts wooden clamps on them.

Zenda gets chloroform and a cloth and puts Margout to sleep.

Margout is completely slept and Zenda can do what she wants with her. Zenda cuts the black tape off and undresses Margout leaving the pantyhose on.

Zenda ties Margout up fully using ropes and leaves her naked, bound and gagged. What will happen next?

This is Part 2 of Zenda’s Very Fake Model’s Agency. Part 1 is also available. Part 3 is coming soon!