Saara Rei & the Mad Gynecologist


Saara Rei pays a visit to doctor Margout Darko for a special check out. Saara is tied with the legs up waiting for her pussy to be examined. Doctor Margout puts on black latex gloves and lube and starts fingering Saara to check out that everything is ok. She will use a speculum too to spread out her vagina. Saara gets secretly very excited by it.

Margout will also use a watenberg wheel on Saara’s nipples and pussy to produce extra stimuli. Then Margout will place a dentist mouth spreader gag to make sure Saara’s mouth is available and active.

Later, Margout introduces a dildo inside Saara’s pussy to be sure her horniness is in the right levels and her pussy is fully lubricated. After the check out, Doctor Margout decides Saara needs cock treatment so gets her strap-on and fucks wide-open Saara until she orgasms.

18 min 31 sec.  / 4K