The ebi torment Full Movie


Margout Darko is tied up with a gote (box tie) and a ebi/agura (legs crossed) in a predicament. Then Ahuna Mons come in, removes the predicament and starts to play with her toy. Ahuna rips Margout’s panties and fingers Margout as she pleases. Later, Ahuna gets a black dildo and fucks Margout’s tight pussy with it. Margout is very embarrassed but deeply horny and can’t hide it.

Margout has been suspended (shibari bondage) upside down by Ahuna Mons in agura position (legs crossed). Margout then get her nipples pinched by strong Japanese nipple clams with chain. Ahuna removes her own panties and stuffs them into Margout’s mouth. Then Ahuna gag tapes Margout’s mouth with classic duct tape. Ahuna plays with Margout’s clamped sensitive nipples. Then Ahuna takes Margout down and starts to fuck her hard with a big dildo on a stick in the pussy. Margout moans in pleasure. Finally Ahuna gets an old Hitachi magic wand and gives multiple orgasms and overstimulation to Margout. Margout shakes and squirms like a broken doll.

This is the FULL MOVIE of The ebi torment. The part 1 and part 2 are also available!

31 min 40 sec.  / 4K