Shana’s Yoga Punishment


Shanaxnow and Margout Darko are doing yoga exercises in the yoga outfits. When Shana is not looking, Margout decides to grab a rope and ties Shana’s hands on her back. Shana is upset and asks what is going on. Margout then explains she’s seen Shana flirting with her boyfriend and she’s going to take revenge. So Margout gags Shana with a red ballgag and ties her arms and legs. Then hogties Shana tightly. Finally, Margout grabs a magic wand vibrator and places it between Shana’s legs. Shana starts to have uncontrollable forced orgasms and move a lot. She tries to escape but she’s unable. Margout leaves Shana struggling and thinking about what she did.

23 min 49 sec.  / 4K