Very sketchy massage


Melania Dark arrives to Margout Darko massage studio looking for a new treatment. So Margout asks Melania to lie down and starts to massage her body. Margout slowly starts to explore Melania’s body in inappropriate ways (groping). But Melania seems to enjoy it very much. So Margout then starts to grab Melania’s ass and boobs and finally rubs her pussy over the yoga pants. Melania has an orgasm squirting through the yoga pants. Margout gets mad because Melania came without asking for permission. Later, Melania is tied up to the bed with rope bondage in spread eagle position. She is now topless and her own panties are stuffed inside her mouth. She is still wearing yoga pants. Margout then arrives with a magic wand vibrator and starts to give pleasure to Melania. Melania has another orgasm. Then Margout pulls down Melania’s yoga pants and giver her a third orgasm, making her squirt again. Finally, Margout goes on top of Melania and they both share the vibrator while orgasming at the same time. Margout asks Melania to come back every week for more treatments.

32 min 20 sec.  / 4K