The ebi torment Part 1


On this Part 1 of The ebi torment, Margout Darko is tied up with a gote (box tie) and a ebi/agura (legs crossed) in a predicament. Then Ahuna Mons come in, removes the predicament and starts to play with her toy. Ahuna rips Margout’s panties with a knife and fingers Margout as she pleases. Later, Ahuna gets a black dildo and fucks Margout’s tight pussy with it. Margout is very embarrassed but deeply horny and can’t hide it. Then Margout is suspended upside down suspended by the agura… What will happen next?

This is a real shibari / kinbaku session with real emotions and reactions and tons of surrender and resistance. This is Part 1 of The ebi torment, Part 2 is now available too!

18 min 20 sec.  / 4K