My Useless Fucktoy Part 2


This part starts when Saara Rei arrives to the room. Margout and Saara start to make out while poor Serotinal stays being tied in shibari / kinbaku rope bondage and blindfolded unaware of her partner cheating on her (cuckold). Serotinal realises someone is in the room but Margout keeps telling her that she’s delusional and starts fucking with beautiful Saara. Margout and Saara eat their pussies and share sex toys like vibrators and satisfyer. Margout decides to remove Serotinal’s blindfold and make her watch.

Serotinal gets very upset and mad at Margout, but horny. Margout does not care and tells Serotinal she’s useless so she will have to get real sex with Saara. Serotinal keeps complaining so Margout stuffs a big anal plug inside Serotinal’s asshole. Then Margout gets fucked with a beautiful metal dildo by Saara and has a huge orgasm while uses very horny and upset Serotinal as a couch. At the end, Margout tells Serotinal that it has being the best sex of her life and leaves her partner tied, humiliated and wet, while heads over to their shared bed to keep fucking Saara on it.

This is Part 2. You can also get Part 1 and the Full Movie!

24 min 23 sec.  / 4K

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