Say hi to our new performer Serotinal!

Last week we uploaded the first part of the scene we shot with the incredible Serotinal 🙂

Serotinal is dutch but happened to be in Berlin because we just had a real life meeting of the Kinbaku Society of Berlin magazine in which we also collaborate.

She is a very experienced kinbaku model and a super slut so she is perfect for our shibari movies! It was her first porn shooting ever but enjoyed it a lot and felt very happy in front of camera.

When we shoot with new people we ask them which are their fantasies and what would they like to explore during the shooting. Serotinal came up with this lesbian cuckolding fantasy in which she’s tied up and passionately broken and then suddenly cheated on, ignored and humiliated. Which we found super fun to do haha

Our regular slut Saara Rei got excited about the idea so we used her as “Margout‘s lover” in the story and they fucked on top of poor Serotinal while she was horribly horny and desperate. 😀

We already talked with Serotinal about shooting again together, even if its just for playing more! She has also told us that she would like to do hardcore content so next movies with her will be especially rough 😈

Keep posted for the second part and full movie of My Useless Fucktoy 🙂

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