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My Useless Fucktoy FULL MOVIE


Serotinal and Margout Darko are celebrating their 5 years anniversary today. Margout tells Serotinal that she has two surprises for her. First one, it’s that during the past months she has being taking secretly shibari / kinbaku / rope bondage lessons.

Margout starts to undress and grope Serotinal heavily. Margout teases a lot Serotinal with a powerful magic wand on her clit, but just keeps edging her without allowing her to cum. Later, the ring door bells so Margout tells Serotinal that her surprise gift arrived and that she’s going to blindfold her. Then, Saara Rei enters in lingerie and Margout and her start to make out just in front of blindfolded Serotinal, ignoring her completely (cuckold).

Margout and Saara eat their pussies and share sex toys like vibrators and satisfyer. Margout decides to remove Serotinal’s blindfold and make her watch. Serotinal keeps complaining so Margout stuffs a big anal plug inside Serotinal’s asshole. Then Margout gets fucked with a metal dildo by Saara and has an orgasm while uses very horny Serotinal as a couch. At the end, Margout leaves Serotinal tied and lonely.

This is the FULL MOVIE version, you can also get Part 1 and Part 2 separately!

55 min 9 sec.  / 4K

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