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The Suffering of Lola Blumen


Lola Blumen is brought to the room by Margout Darko. Then Margout brings Lola to her knees and starts to tie her up in shibari / kinbaku rope bondage. Lola gets tied to the pillar (hashira), trying to find balance with her legs tied in futomomos. Margout touches and strips Lola as she wants. Margout ties an hitachi magic wand to Lola’s pussy. Then Margout leaves and comes back with Saara Rei. Margout and Saara really want to play with Lola. They bite her nipples and make her suck a big black dildo. Then Margout removes the ropes around Lola and brings her to the floor with the ass up. Margout and Saara inspect Lola’s butthole and pussy. Saara then takes the strap-on and starts to fuck Lola’s pussy. Margout in the meantime, grabs Lola by the hair and pokes her with a bamboo stick to humiliate her. Saara and Margout then just fuck Lola with the dildo roughly. At the end, they put the hitachi back at Lola’s pussy on full power and abandon her helpless and horny.

42 min 13 sec.  / 4K