Tormenting pleasure for the Blonde slave Part 2


Margout Darko starts untying her lovely blonde slave Shimakaze (Darkprincess666) from the St Andrew’s cross. Then she let her slave know that the torment did not just end, it just started. Margout ties her slave chest with the hands in the back (takate kote shibari bondage) making her feel helpless again. Margout plays with Shimakaze’s hard nipples. Then Margout ties the slave’s legs folded (futomomo) and places her in doggy. Margout wears a strap-on and starts to fuck her slave very hard. Shimakaze screams in pleasure while her Domme fucks her roughly. Margout pulls her by the hair and smacks her and gives her the hard fuck she earned by being a good girl.

This is the Part 2 of Tormenting pleasure for my Blonde slave. You can also get the Part 1 and the Full movie!

This movie features a strap-on harness and dildo by Strap-on-me. 🙂

17 min 23 sec.  / 4K