Tormenting pleasure for my Blonde slave Part 1


Darkprincess666 is tied (rope bondage) to the St Andrew’s cross with the hands and legs apart. She’s helpless and horny. Mistress Margout Darko comes in and starts to touch her beautiful blonde slave’s body. Margout gropes her slave’s boobs, expose them and pinches her nipples. Margout loves to torture her slave and Darkprincess666 craves this torturing pleasure her Mistress gives her.

Margout grabs her slave by the neck. Then rips her slave’s panties and fingers her hard. Margout keeps edging her slave. Then goes down on Darkprincess and eats her pussy. The slave is so horny she keeps begging to be allowed to cum. Margout fingers the slave while covering her mouth with the other hand. Finally, Margout grabs a vibrator magic wand and tease her slave with it until she allows her to cum with a big orgasm. This is Part 1 of Tormenting pleasure for my Blonde slave. You can also get the Part 2 and the Full movie!

17 min 23 sec.  / 4K