The Strippers Shower


Zenda Sexy and Margout Darko are two hot strippers in transparent 12″ high heels. Margout is sunbathing when Zenda walks by in front of her. Margout immediately gets distracted and can’t stop looking at Zenda. Margout secretly follows Zenda to the bathroom and spies her while Zenda takes a shower. Zenda starts to masturbate inside the shower and Margout, who gets very turned on by it, does the same while watching Zenda. Zenda realises that Margout was stalking her and invites her in to “help her out”. Zenda and Margout touch each other’s wet bodies and make out. And they masturbate and lick each other until both have big orgasms. During the whole scene there are a LOT of views from their beautiful feet in transparent high heels inside the slippery shower for foot fetish lovers. 🙂

18 min 10 sec.  / 4K