The airbnb penalty


Susy Blue arrives very late to the airbnb she’s going to stay at during her Summer holidays. Margout Darko, the owner, suddenly opens up the door when Susy just gets the keys from the locker. Susy tries to explain why she got there so late but Margout is upset and asks Susy to pay an extra fee for the delay. Susy wants to avoid the extra charge so Margout, who starts to get very interested in beautiful Susy, tells her they will find another way to make Susy “pay” for it.

Margout asks Susy to enter the house and follow her. Then, Margout pushes Susy against the wall and starts kissing her very passionately. Susy kisses Margout back and they touch each other and make out. After a while, Margout grabs Susy by the hair and takes her to the terrace. Margout brings Susy down and undresses her. Margout ties Susy’s hands behind her back in a shibari / kinbaku bondage gote. Margout keeps kissing and groping Susy. Then Margout ties Susy’s ass and waist together in a monoblock and suspends Susy making her very helpless and accessible. Margout uses a electrical zapper on Susy’s ass to annoy her and play for a while teasing her. Then, grabs a thick rainbow dildo and fucks Susy’s pussy. To reward Susy, Margout gets a magic wand and makes Susy have multiple orgasms while she’s still in the air. Finally, Margout rotates Susy and eats her pussy and perfect boobs to taste her fully.

Margout decides to leave Susy there, still tied up, until the next day when the fun will start up again… 🙂

30 min.  / 4K