The Punishment of Saara Rei Part 2

16:16min. 4K, 1080.

In the first part of The Punishment of Saara Rei ended up when Margout Darko placed the fucking machine right in front of Saara Rei‘s ass. Saara is tied up in Shibari / Kinbaku rope bondage with her big ass naked.

Margout starts fucking Saara’s pussy with the fucking machine. Margout plays with the remote control, increasing the speed and making Saara soaking wet. Then Margout grabs a magic wand and start to masturbate with the vibrator. Margout has a big orgasm while Saara keeps being penetrated. Then Margout places the wand in Saara’s mouth, making her hold it. Saara has multiple orgasms with the fucking machine. Margout removes then the machine and eats Saara’s pussy. Margout leaves Saara alone feeling ashamed and desperate for more.