The Punishment of Saara Rei Part 1


Saara Rei is incredibly desperate to get tied up and she is trying to do her best to seduce Margout Darko into it. Margout decides to go in and tie her but she won’t make it easy for Saara.

Margout ties a takate kote shibari / kinbaku bondage on Saara with her hands tied tightly to the back. Margout pulls Saara’s hair, grabs her by the neck, spits on her. Saara has a great ass that gets completely available for Margout in a very shameful position. Margout spanks the ass and then gets a magic wand and places it at full power on Saara’s clit.

Saara is completely helpless and desperate to cum but Margout won’t give her the reward yet, making Saara even more desperate. The scene finishes when Margout brings out a fucking machine and places it right at the entrance of Saara’s pussy…

This is Part 1. Now you can get Part 2! And the Full Movie is available too!

18 min 45 sec.  / 4K