The Latex Burglar


Stella enters her bathroom wanting to take a shower with her latex mask on. She looks at herself in the mirror and enjoys the views. Then, enters the bathtub and starts to shower. When Stella turns, then Margout Darko comes in wearing a latex catsuit and assaults her. Stella screams but quickly Margout tapes Stella’s mouth with her hand. Margout explains to Stella she came to steal all her jewellery and money. But before that, Margout wants to play with Stella because she is very hot. Margout ties Stella’s hands behind her back in shibari / kinbaku rope bondage. Then, Margout plays with Stella fingering her pussy and mouth. Margout keeps taping Stella’s mouth while wearing beautiful white latex gloves and playing with her breath. Margout turns Stella showing her perfect ass and eating it out. Then, Margout gets a vibrator magic wand and places it full power on Stella’s pussy. Margout keeps Stella’s mouth shut while making her cum a lot. Stella is completely helpless but ashamed to be enjoying this so much. After Stella cums, Margout leaves her tied in the bathtub and runs to steal all her money. This is the first ever porn video from Stella and will not be the last one! 🙂

28 min 36 sec.  / 4K