BTS Presenting our new Perfomer: Stella!

We finally released the first scene with our amazing friend Stella called The Latex Burglar!

Few weeks ago, we were in Sweden together before Shibaricamp and we had some latex with us so decided to shoot a fun latex and bondage fetish story with her. On the video, Stella would be taking a shower until Margout Darko comes in, “assaults” her and makes dirty thingies to her 😛

This was Stella’s very first porn movie and she did amazing! We love her very much because she’s not only very hot, she’s really smart and slutty. Best combination ever!

We were super surprised by her acting, she even screamed like a horror scream queen. 🤣

Stella was so happy to shoot and the result was so good that we’ve decided to do more videos together. So stay tuned for new content with her 🙂

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