The Hooktied Girl Challenge Full Movie


Margout Darko is invited to participate in a TV show contest with a big cash prize. She wakes up tied up, sitting on her knees with the hands tied, the legs folded, a thick crotch rope and the high heels attached to her feet. Then she gets blindfolded and gagged with a big ballgag by a misterious girl (Myenna). Margout drools a lot and fights the rope trying to get free.

Margout is pushed to the floor with the ass up. Margout is annoyed and complaints and drools a lot. Then Myenna gets an anal hook and puts it in Margout’s tight butthole. Later, Myenna ties Margout’s hair to the anal hook, bending Margout into a tight predicament hogtie. Myenna removes Margout’s high heels and ties her toes together.

Finally, Myenna puts an inflatable dildo gag on Margout. Margout drools uncontrollably. Myenna comes back and removes the dildo gag, making Margout drool all over the place.

This is the Full Movie of The Hooktied Girl Challenge, you can also get Part 1 and Part 2 now!

51 min 3 sec.  / 4K

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