Slave Zenda Bound Orgasm


Margout Darko enters the scene bringing her slave Zenda Sexy by the leash. Margout pushes Zenda against the St Andrew’s Cross and ties her up to it with shibari bondage. There is a magic wand attached between Zenda’s legs waiting for her. Margout turns the magic wand on, making Zenda moan.

Then, Margout grabs a ballgag and puts it into Zenda’s mouth. Margout whips Zenda with a leather flogger and makes her moan in pain and pleasure. Zenda can’t stop drooling and having orgasms. Margout gets very horny and grabs a black dildo with cum filling.

Margout puts a condom to the dildo and fucks her own pussy with the dildo very hard. Margout has a big orgasm, takes out the condom and empties all the cum over Zenda’s big boobs. Margout leaves satisfied and Zenda is all by herself complaining and having orgasms uncontrollably

28 min 39 sec.  / 4K