Melania Dark and the Anal Hogtie Part 1


Melania Dark has been tricked by Margout Darko on her way home and took to her hideout. Melania is all tied up in shibari / kinbaku / rope bondage (chest, arms and legs) with the high heels on and has a tight crotch rope. She resists but can’t escape. Margout gags Melania and blindfolds her. Then Margout unties her futomomo (folded leg ties) and goes for Melania’s beautiful ass. Margout grabs a steel anal hook and starts teasing Melania’s tight asshole…

This is Part 1 of Melania and the Anal Hogtie. Part 2 is also available! And the FULL MOVIE!

20 min 30 sec.  / 4K

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