Melania Dark and the Anal Hogtie FULL MOVIE


Melania Dark has been tricked by Margout Darko on her way home and took to her hideout. Melania is all tied up in shibari / kinbaku / rope bondage with the high heels on and has a tight crotch rope. Margout gags Melania and blindfolds her. Then Margout unties her futomomo (folded leg ties). Margout puts an anal hook inside Melania’s tight asshole. Melania struggles but can’t scream with the ballgag on. Margout ties Melania’s hair to the anal hook and finishes a strict hogtie. Margout removes Melania’s high heel shoes and ties her toes together. Then Margout changes Melania’s ballgag for an inflatable dildo gag. Finally, Margout removes Melania’s gag and blindfold so she can watch her beautiful faces struggling in that heavy bondage.

This is the FULL MOVIE of Melania Dark and the Anal Hogtie. You can also get Part 1 and Part 2!

38 min.  / 4K