Fuck hard the Candy Brat: Part 2


On this Second Part of Fuck hard of the Candy Brat, Margout Darko keeps fucking hard Saara Rei with the strap-on. Saara’s arms are tied tight together and pulled up by a rope in shibari / kinbaku rope bondage.

Margout then unties the suspension line and makes turns Saara facing up. Margout licks Saara’s wet pussy making her even more horny.

Margout decides to make Saara sit down in the sofa and unties her. Margout keeps playing with Saara in the meantime like a toy. Margout spreads Saara’s legs and fingers her pussy once more. Then Margout makes Saara give the strap-on a blowjob, licking all her fluids. Later, Saara rides with her pussy the strap-on very deep until she cums.

This is Part 2. Now you can get Part 1 and the Full Movie!

21 min 20 sec.  / 4K

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