Fuck hard the Candy Brat: FULL MOVIE


Saara Rei and Margout Darko are talking about their travel plans in the dining room. But while they’re talking, Saara doesn’t stop eating candy. That pisses Margout off, so she decides to teach a very hard lesson to Saara.

Margout starts to force feed all the candy to Saara. Margout takes a black leather strap-on and puts it on. Margout makes Saara suck the big black dildo. Then, Margout decides to put Saara on doggy and ties (shibari / kinbaku / rope bondage) her arms together in armbinder making her completely helpless. And finally, Margout starts to fuck Saara’s pussy very hard.

Margout licks Saara’s wet pussy making her even more horny. Margout spreads Saara’s legs and fingers her pussy once more. Then Margout makes Saara give the strap-on a blowjob, licking all her fluids. Later, Saara rides with her pussy the strap-on very deep until she cums.

This is the Full Movie from Fuck Hard the Candy Brat. You can also get now Part 1 and Part 2!

37 min 16 sec.  / 4K

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