Detective Margout under arrest Part 1


Detective Margout Darko enters her office and discovers a blonde mysterious burglar girl (Dark Princess) going through the police’ stuff. Margout fights Dark Princess but the burglar assaults Margout and ties her up to her enjoyment. Margout is tied up with the arms in strappado and the legs open with rope bondage. Dark Princess edges Detective Margout with a wand vibrator while Margout tries to discover her intentions. Dark Princess then grabs a massive dildo with a knuckle duster handle and starts to fuck with it Margout’s tight pussy. Margout starts to break on her mind. Margout can’t stop having orgasms. When she thought that was it, then Princess combines the huge cock with the vibrator, bringing her to incredible climax like she never experienced before. What will happen next?

This is Part 1 of Detective Margout under arrest. Part 2 is also available. And the Full movie. During the whole movie both girls wear black pointy high heels.

12 min 9 sec.  / 4K