Detective Margout under arrest Part 2


After Detective Margout Darko has been tied and fucked with toys on the floor by burglar Dark Princess, Margout then gets facesitted and it is instructed to give Dark Princess a forced 69. Both Dark Princess and Margout have big orgasms. As Dark Princess still wants to play with Margout, she suspends her in shibari rope bondage with the hands in the back and the legs open showing off her high heels. Dark Princess then starts to fuck Margout with a strap-on. Margout is very overwhelmed and stimulated and can’t think straight anymore so surrenders. Then Dark Princess fingers Margout’s pussy and eats her pussy. Margout gets a huge orgasm, ready to let Dark Princess do whatever she pleases from now on.

This is Part 2 of Detective Margout under arrest. Part 1 is already available! And the Full movie.

This is a good opportunity to enjoy Margout being the bottom one <3 And both girls wear beautiful black high heels during the whole movie.

14 min 14 sec.  / 4K