Zenda’s Discipline Treatment


Zenda Sexy is a very bratty schoolgirl. She’s been asked to stay after class on Friday because she did not do her homework. Her teacher Margout Darko will teach her a lesson. 😉 Margout ties up Zenda with her hands behind her back in shibari / kinbaku bondage and shows Zenda’s huge boobs. Then removes Zenda’s wet panties, gags Zenda with them and tapes her mouth so she does not complain anymore. Then Margout ties Zenda’s legs open making her completely helpless. Margout uses a magic wand on Zenda and ties it up exactly to her clit. Zenda is left having multiple orgasms, tied up and exposed until next Monday when teacher Margout comes back.

26 min 6 sec.  / 4K