Zenda Sexy tied by Margout Darko

We shoot with Zenda Sexy today!

We are preparing everything for a shooting with the super hot Zenda Sexy today. Expect a post tonight ot tomorrow with some behind the scenes 🙂

Zenda is a very good friend, I met her first time shooting for Kink.com public disgrace, when I was working for the San Francisco company. She is very professional and a bit crazy, but in the good way!

By the way, the next scene we are going to upload to the website in a couple of days is from Zenda! Dont miss it. You can be up to date with all the news, scenes and shootings we do subscribing to our telegram channel! !

Today we are going to shoot a strap-on scene with Margout Darko. And we will also test some new gear we got for christmas. We will have new lighting, and also a grey card to expose properly using false colour. I know that most people want only the dirty details of the shooting but i am going to talk also about the cinema technical part because that is MY fetish 🙂

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