We are available again for Custom Videos! (read our review here)

We are finally again available for shooting custom videos of all sorts: bondage, fetishes, vanilla, outdoors, strange thingies you find hot, etc. 🙂 We’ve been super busy finishing the last custom videos but next week we will be free again!

You can order your video with an exclusive behind the scenes from the shoot, so you can see how it was made. BTS are usually very silly but also very hot and natural and you can see we are all having lots of fun and we don’t fake things!

This week we got an amazing review from last week’s custom video we did and we want to share it with you. We are honestly very happy to create customised videos and make other people fantasies real, and taking lots of care on video quality and aesthetics at the same time.

If you want to order a custom video and be as satisfied as this customer or are just curious about it and want more info, send us an email to info@eroteric.com . We will also shoot with new performers, ask us about them! 🙂

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