Using my helpless girlfriend


Margout Darko wakes up in her sofa after watching some TV. She feels rested and horny so she decides to grab a few ropes and tape and pay a visit to her sleepy girlfriend Melania Dark who is laying on their bed. Margout ties gently Melania’s hands in the back in strappado position (shibari bondage). Gags Melania’s mouth with medical tape. Then starts to eat Melania’s pussy from behind. They get both super horny and Margout ends up fingering Melania’s pussy while licks her perfect butthole (rimming). Melania has a big orgasm. Then Margout ties a rope around Melania’s neck like a leash and takes her back to the living room.

Margout makes Melania kneel in front of the sofa. Then removes Melania’s tape from her mouth, removes her thong and makes Melania eat her pussy. Margout was so horny se quickly explotes in a huge orgasm.

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34 min 22 sec.  / 4K