The Hopping Prisoner


Miss Daphne (aka Kinky Ropes) was on her way to her job when she was captured and abducted by Margout Darko. Margout drives to a secret location with Miss Dapne in the back of the truck all tied up and gagged with duct tape. Her hands are all wrapped with duct tape as well making her more hopeless.

Margout arrives to the secret abandoned building with the car. She goes to get Miss Daphne who is very scared. Margout puts Miss Daphne on a leash and walks her making her hop as she has her feet tied together. Miss Daphne keeps hopping while Margout enjoys the situation by pushing her further.

Both girls enter the building and Margout sits Miss Daphne in a chair. Then the prison time begins. Margout groping Miss Daphne whenever she wants in very dirty ways and kisses her over the tape gag. Then Margout leaves and brings a stack of transparent plastic bags.

Margout places a plastic bag around Miss Daphne’s head, taking away all her breath, making her struggle to the limit. Margout has so much fun. She keeps wrapping Miss Daphne’s head and turning the punishment more and more intense. Finally, Margout decides to put Miss Daphne again on a leash and make her hop outside to keep searching for a new challenge.

23min 24 sec.  / 4K