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Squirting at the dental clinic Full Movie


Melania Dark has come to get a regular check at a new dental clinic. She’s very nervous for her appointment but soon she meets her way too “welcoming” doctors. Doc Daphne (Kinky ropes girl) and Margout Darko are wearing white latex and high heels. Daphne and Margout trick Melania so next scene she’s all tied up to the chair and naked, surrounded by big sex toys. Both docs get white latex tight gloves and the fun starts.

Docs gropes Melania’s boobs and kiss her. Then they proceeded to finger Melania. And then auscultate her. Then they both fuck Melania’s pussy with two thick dildos making her cum. 

The docs use a rose vibrating toy to warm up Melania’s pussy. She gets edged not being allowed to come just yet. Then the dentists get a big blue dildo attached to a knuckle duster. They fuck Melania’s tight pussy very hard with it. Melania is so horny she just gets an orgasm. Then she needs to suck the dildo clean. Later, the docs get a hitachi magic wand and a speculum and overstimulate Melania’s clit while her vagina is open and visible. Finally, they remove the speculum and Melania has a huge Squirt all over the clinic’s floor. The dentists who are feeling satisfied, leave their patient and go meet their next victim. Both docs wear tight white latex gloves through all the movie.

This is the FULL MOVIE of Squirting at the dental clinic. You can also get the Part 1 and the Part 2 separately.

46 min 29 sec.  / 4K