Secretly perverted Girlfriend


Mistress Sophy and Margout Darko are girlfriends and apparently a normal vanilla couple. They are making out until Margout suddenly spanks Mistress Sophy’s butt. Margout apologizes but Mistress Sophy unexpectedly asks Margout to go a little harder on her… That gives Margout a really good idea. Mistress Sophy wakes up in shibari / kinbaku bondage with her arms tied together tightly. Mistress Sophy complains but Margout explains her it’s all her fault for asking to go harder and now she can’t go back. Margout ties Mistress Sophy’s legs in futomomos and a very harsh matanawa (crotch rope) to a suspension point. Mistress Sophy struggles to find balance while gets more excited by rubbing her pussy against the rope. Margout brings a giant dildo and sticks it in front of Mistress Sophy’s face. Margout explains to Mistress Sophy that she now must suck that dick. If she does it right, she will get the magic wand. If she does it wrong, she will get whipped by the flogger. Mistress Sophy does her best to blow while being edged until she has a big orgasm. Margout takes Mistress Sophy down and they both hug: “again tomorrow?”

21 min 39 sec.  / 4K