Ruined Honeymoon


Susy Blue is a pure and virginal bride who is about to get married. But she’s got a secret wish before spending the rest of her life with her boring sex hun. She’s going to visit Mistress Margout Darko to experience all together what she’s being missing out. But she doesn’t know that will break her forever. Susy Blue gets tied by Margout Darko with her hands behind her back. Margout uses Susy Blue and makes her get extremely horny.

Susy tries to fight it but she doesn’t have a way out. Margout ties Susy’s legs in futomomos and then hogtie Susy very tightly. Susy’s hair is tied to the bamboo forcing even a harder backbend. Susy is completely helpless and Margout Darko ties up a magic wand to her pussy and leave her alone to have multiple orgasms. Susy Blue has become a complete slut and can’t hide it anymore. 😉

21 min 24 sec.  / 4K