Pikachu’s Nightmare


Susy Blue is tied up in Shibari /Kinbaku bondage with the hands behind her back. She’s only wearing yellow Pikachu (Pok√©mon) panties. Margout Darko enters the room and grops Susy. Then Margout licks Susy’s face and kisses her while touching her little body. Then Margout ties Susy’s thighs and ankles together. Margout bites Susy’s ass, spanks her and pulls the panties down. Then Margout removes her dress showing her sexy lingerie and takes her black strap-on. Margout makes Susy suck her strap-on and make it very wet. Margout adds a suspension line to the thighs structure and pulls them up showing Susy’s pussy. Margout whips Susy with rope and annoys her for a while. Margout gags Susy with two cloth pieces because she’s being too loud. Then Margout grabs a vibrating tongue and places it on Susy‘s clit to make her come. Finally, Margout does a full suspension with Susy to grab her by the ass and fuck her pussy with the strap-on very intensely. Susy is left alone, suspended, asking for help in Italian: Aiuto! ūüôā

26 min 50 sec.  / 4K